Best Paint for Cast Aluminum

There are many applications for cast aluminum both in residential and in industrial areas. As such, the range of metal garden furniture, including those made of cast aluminum, are now available in a variety of styles and designs. You will find a wide number of options even with a simple search online for possible choices when it comes to cast aluminum furniture. Although this type of metal used for many pieces of furniture are quite durable and rust resistant, it is non-porous and sleeky which makes it difficult to paint its surface. Over time, you will notice portions of the painted metal peeling off or chipping. So, if you plan to paint any furniture made of this metal, you will need the best paint for cast aluminum.

But in reality, any paint will stick to aluminium as long as the proper base coat is used to abrade the metal to ensure the paint molecules will adhere to the aluminum surface. Applying an etching primer to the surface before coating with the appropriate paint color is necessary.

Take note, however, that there some paints that claim that they were made especially for coating  aluminium. But, the fact is, the paint will not be able to last as long as it should have it is applied over an etching primer. There is really no paint that will stick to bare aluminium unless it is properly abraded. You have to make sure to use an etching primer and not a bonding primer as the finish will just flake and peel off.

Best Paint for Cast Aluminum

Abraiding the aluminium by applying an etching primer on the metal first before applying most type of paint will ensure that you will have a great finish. If you plan to have the cast aluminum furniture outdoors, it will be best to use latex paint since the molecules in this type of paint will allow the application to move with the aluminium as it expands and contracts whenever changes in the weather occur. For aluminium pieces of furniture placed inside a covered structure and you prefer a glossy finish, use an oil-based enamel instead.

If there is any rusty portion on any cast aluminum surface, make sure to remove and seal it before applying any paint pr primer. Use a wire brush and sandpaper to scrub away the rust.Then, coat the metal with a spray can of rust sealer.

Painting Cast Aluminum

When painting non-porous metallic surfaces like cast aluminum, certain steps must be followed to ensure proper adhesion of the paint. Different metal surfaces follow different preparation standards to promote proper paint adhesion.


To make sure that the paint will adhere properly on the metal, you will have to make sure to use the right materials and application techniques.

Degreasing any greast areas of the cast aluminum with a chemical degreaser. Then, clean the aluminum   with a pressure washer. If you have thin metal to paint, you can use a water hose to clean the metal instead.

Use a painter’s tape to mark the areas where the painted edges of the metal should be. Once the surface is ready, apply a zinc chromate-based primer to the metal using a an appropriately-sized paint brush. Apply just enough of the primer to cover the metal, then wait for the primer to dry properly. It would take about two hours to dry.

Once the primer has dried thoroughly, you may now apply an oil-based paint to the cast aluminum. Make sure to apply the paint evenly to all sections of the metal surface. Then, allow the paint to dry for about two hours. Apply a second coating as necessary.

Maintaining Cast Aluminum Furniture

Having the best pieces of furniture that blend well with the overall appeal of the space is necessary as they add not just aesthetic but also monetary value to a property. There are many options when it comes to the right pieces to put together to create that space that you want, whether inside or outside the living or business space.

You have the option to add pieces of furniture made of wood, steel, and other metals like cast aluminum, which is a preferred material for many today.

Like any piece of furniture, those made with cast aluminum will need occasional hosing down or wiping with a damp cloth and soft detergent to keep its natural appeal. You also have the option to spray on some wax to maintain its glossy look, but this not required. You also have to watch out for peeling as this will lessen the overall appeal of the furniture. And if ever you need to paint (or repaint) a furniture, you will need the best paint for cast aluminum. For scratches that develop over time, you may need to sand down the area before applying the right paint.